2017 Arriving and Touching

Hello and welcome 2017.
What a rare and amazing time we are in. This morning I watch the dawn break over the lake where the cold northern wind blows wisps of mist, spiraling south along the lake’s generous surface. Under a wintery pink sky, the mountains are still and frozen white, sentinels along my horizon… a glimpse into the eternal Earth dreaming. Such immense beauty of season, a stunning depth of winter. The still of a true tipping point.
I am also reminded in this place of some words by Lyanda Lynn Haupt that were read out by one of our family Grandmothers at our Solstice gathering.
“There are two Greek words for time. One is chronos, which refers to the usual, quantifiable sequential version of time by which we monitor and measure our days. The other word is kairos, which denotes an unusual period in human history when eternal time breaks in upon chronological time. Kairos is “the appointed time,” an opportune moment, even a time of crisis, that creates an opportunity for, and in fact demands, a human response. It is a time brimming with meaning, a time more potent than “normal” time. We live in such a time now, when our collective actions over the next several years will decide whether earthly life will continue its descent into ecological ruin and death or flourish in beauty and diversity.”
So indeed I have been asking myself: Am I willing to face this reality with curiosity, compassion, courage and determination? Can I keep my dreaming eye on the future that I believe wishes to emerge? Can we as community together take these steps?
Ah, 2017, with your brightening planets, twirling in the light fantastic, hear our future yearnings; Let’s place them in the cauldron of possibilities, a supporting and loving dreaming field with our Mother Earth that we so love. We hear the urgency of our times and that the continuity between our lives and all of life is essential. May our lives be blessed this year with connection and community. May our actions be blessed with contributing to a dream of life with a long future, may our words be blessed with power and sacredness. May all of our song be heard as we chorus our love into an unfolding reality of nurturing and tending our dreams, for Kairos has arrived and is touching into the Chronos of 2017.
With Love,
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