May Day, Beltane, and Fertility of Life

Dear Friends and Family,
I have just been in circle where together we explored cosmology as a description of being that is alive and steeped in presence. As if to make it abundantly clear, the universe entered and showed us what that meant.
We saw cosmology as an expression of life intimately interwoven and unfolding within and without. A relationship with a breathing and animated cosmos, a bodily participation with the sensuous rhyming of life, a world of pink and blue hues. How can I not belong to my earth, my home, when my bones vibrate with stone and moss. A world where I am inextricably bound with twisting ivy and deer, my composition, their composition…my body pulsing and chanting with coursing rivers and migrating birds.
In this turning of the season into Spring I am teaching: I sit listening, and then become aware of a high, sharp tone in the skies above the lake, a sound I can’t identify right away, yet familiar. Someone is sharing in circle but we are all suddenly drawn to an interruption just outside the window. I am witnessing plummeting white flashes dropping, stone dropping, fast to the lake’s water. My brain is scrambling to identify….Osprey, constant strong fishers of the big lake? Now we all are half standing as we watch, there is a sudden inhalation of breath, our lungs expanding in surprise… the gasp audible and arresting as the twirling tumbling descends to kiss the lake’s surface. Now pulling out from the surface edge and arcing across the lake, emerge two magnificent bald eagles. Free from their dare-devil love-making adventure, they bank gracefully to the far side and beat their wings to drive their way south.
This is a cosmos that takes me to my knees in its grandeur and expression. From the Milky Way reflected in the River Boyne of Ireland to the heart of our Mother in the Black Hills, Paha Sapa …To all the sacredness of the earth I feel such deep gratitude for giving me permission to live here and now in all that this living cosmos is. All of it.
In love and gratitude to life,
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