Sarah and Helpers go to Mexico

Greetings friends and family,
A week ago we danced under the full moon in the jungle, inland from Puerto Morellos, which is on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. We danced under the stars and moon together with our Mayan relatives in prayer and song. Tropical birdsong accompanied us through the night and the grass turned silvery white with a humid dew. The drumming beat time as we tattooed the patterns into a new soil, ancient soil that has witnessed the turtle’s return for millennia. An ancient rising out of the ocean currents to lay new life in the sands along the Maya Riviera coast…side by side with resorts, loud music, vacationing humans and big buildings. So it is that we walk in two worlds, the timeless and the timed. For one night we rolled back Chronos and dared to step into the body of our true mother. We floated amidst the stars of life dreaming this place of connection and belonging. We were a blend of creation spiraled and reborn, touching, weaving and breathing in love. The jaguar cry from beyond the trees, the whispering shooting stars, the sound of water being scooped and drunk, bird calls, songs that reverberated around the clearing and the accompanying rattles from deep within the jungle emerging out of the north, like a call and response. Here in a place beyond language we danced together on our Grandmother Turtle’s back. No division, one heart, one understanding and infinite in feeling.
In love and gratitude to life,
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