Welcome to Summer Ceremony and the New Dreaming

Greetings dear family and friends,
I cross the threshold into summer pastures and beckoning ceremonies. With my daughter, granddaughter and grandson we head south to the Oregon border lands for Spirit Weavers Gathering where again we will sit in circle with 500 beautiful women from around the world to share crafts, dialogue and be immersed in the landscape of trees and river. It’s like the red tents and moon lodges of old, where women came together outside of their lives just to be and share. Now we, in an ancient way, connect again with our ancestral grandmothers, breathe vibrant fresh air and restore ourselves by resting within the magic of the feminine. An opportunity of great beauty.
This month I am on the road while the new Dreaming Course online is ready for registration and giving access to videos and other material, prior to the first live call in July. Whether you think you dream, or don’t dream or occasionally dream, you will receive much in this course about consciousness, how to strengthen your dream recall, connect the unseen to the seen through increased synchronicity in your lives and a tangible way you can personally be involved with outcomes and also be helped and prepared for your challenges. I like to say: Life rhymes, and working with dreams nudges metaphor to front stage, weaving beautiful elements of magic into the mundane.
I am still receiving wonderful feedback from Mexico and our relatives down there. The Night Turtle Dance is remembered with great feeling and gratitude. Now we begin to meet up here in the Pacific Northwest, to set the tone and send out a call to those drawn to be with us under the full moon in August. The Night Turtle Dance is August 5-7 2017 and if you would like to receive information for this ceremony please email nightturtledance@gmail.com.
In love and gratitude to life,
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Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please make your appointment through my web site myenthios.com under the appointment tab.

Upcoming Classes:

Family Constellation: Saturday June 24th (open for those who wish to be representatives, donation only)
Altars, our Sacred Touchstones Sunday July 23, 9.30-4.30 open registration


Night Turtle Dance, August 5-7, Camp Niwana, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State USA. For more info, email nightturtledance@gmail.com