Living constellation work is a dynamic practice that connects with the knowing field to diagnose and reveal deep and unresolved systemic traumas in the family lineage. In a respectful setting and honoring of the soul’s journey and its order in the universe, this practice unfolds dimensionally and spatially to reveal those places that hold the tensions of unresolved entanglement. This journey can be very moving, cathartic, and even fun, as discoveries are made and insights evolve based on observing the family dynamics in a safe manner. In this way, the flow of love and acceptance now has the capacity to restore these spaces, potentially creating understanding, healing, and peace for the seeker.

My training as a facilitator has been with Francesca Mason Boring, complimented by further work with Stephan Hausner.

Constellation Days

As the need arises (which is most months), I hold a day of constellation work.

If you wish to be a seeker, I charge $175. Please email me. Constellation work includes medical, business, money flow, family, and exploration of social issues — in many cases, anything named or unnamed can be constellated. I will also often work blind (where only the seeker and facilitator know the back story and who the representatives are representing), which allows for complete privacy. If you are wishing to seek, I connect with you by phone prior to the session.

I do not charge representatives, but there is a donation basket out. For those who have represented before, we are very aware of the gifts and widening of compassion that opens up within us by standing as someone’s mother, uncle, operation manager, or even a natural disaster or country. I lay my own recent personal growth at the feet of this work, as it has broadened my perspective and taught me much respect for trauma and all of its radiating circles. It has given me a respect, that when the energies are standing in right order and relationship, the love that has been formerly blocked now flows again directly through the representatives and into the room. I experience a little bit more of what I didn’t know, coming up into the light of my day.

“The family system is a closed system. Once you are born into a family, it can never be different than what it is. This does not mean that you cannot be adopted into another family. It does not mean that you will be bonded with the people in that family, but biologically, you are a part of this family system. The egg that you came from is the egg that you came from, the sperm that fertilized that egg is the sperm that fertilized that egg. This “point of origin” is just an objective fact, an impermeable truth.”  — Francesca Mason Boring