Welcome to the Dreamer and the Messenger online courses…

The Dreamer and the Messenger is now available as two online courses. Based on many dream years and the practice of dreaming, these courses create a platform by which anyone of us may launch ourselves into our dream world with confidence and clarity. This is a practice… a way of connection and being that never arrives but creates a continuous informing thread back into our awakening lives. It is based on the ancient premise that everything is alive, there is another reality running parallel or alongside us that I am calling dream time. This runs 24/7, is outside the realm of ordinary words and speaks in a language that rhymes, that connects outside the field of rationality in metaphor, synchronicity and magical irrationality. It is a reality outside the ego and outside the physical body where there is no separation of past, present and future. This is a place where everything is occurring now. Through a simple practice anyone can access the healer, the wisdom, and the support of the dream world and bring it back up into our waking world of sunlight and life where it works and weaves into our lives with grace, spaciousness, support and creative solutions.

The Dreamer and the Messenger (Part 1)

Deepening the Dreamtime (Part 2)

Sarah Maclean Bicknell has been teaching the Dreamer and the Messenger in Seattle for over ten years and has supported expanding dream groups, both virtual and local to Washington State.

the-wedding-candlesDreams have played an intricate part of Sarah’s life since childhood; she developed a more defined practice in the late ‘80s. She has worked alongside indigenous dreamers as well as in Jungian circles and with Druid dreamers.

In these times of alternating collapse and invention, the Dreamtime is calling each one of us to pay closer attention.

“We have always worked with dreams: our ancestors knew how to make meaningful connections with their dream time, and that memory is in our DNA. This is a place of regenerative creativity that is fed by the waking life and then again by dream life, each serving the other endlessly. In dreamtime the world never ends and destruction becomes new growth. It expresses outside limitation and allows us to imagine a different expression of life here and now. It is a world accessible to all through simple practice and respect. What if the Dreamtime needs us right now to bring forward the new dream, something other than what our present experience is? Before there is objective experience there is a dream, an idea, a non-physical component that precedes. No dreamer is like another, nor are dreams the same, so it takes all of us and our dreams to materialize together to create a world that sustains our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Our Western Dream has reached a precarious place and does not support all the forms of life there are now, so Dreamtime is calling us into her terrain and inviting us to reconnect and return to a reciprocal relationship.”