The alternative medical world today is beginning to work with reclaiming the intricate intelligence of our own body’s capacity to heal itself. Disease carries its own antidote. What we resist holds the greatest gift for our well being.

Patterns of behavior caused by surviving trauma and pain are stored in our inner organ systems, which continue to overheat with ongoing stress and crisis. Releasing these patterns (often genetic) is essential for experiencing well being. We hold the corrective mechanisms in our bodies. Changing ourselves changes others and everything around us.

We experience disease in our bodies as physical symptoms. This is an end result; it requires retracing to the source before change can occur. We heal from the inside out. The prevention is also the cure. We heal from the head down and from the latest symptom to the first cause (Hering’s Law). This often is experienced by deeper emotional feelings and lessening of more recently held physical symptoms in the body. When the cause is consciously located, the healing then ripples out through the organ systems into well being.

In the ancient earth traditions, people journeyed between realities traveling into the shadow worlds in order to retrieve the light trapped within. Their journey was to bring the light back into the conscious world to be renamed and included. Disease was known to be soul loss (energy, light loss) in origin. By restoring balance and full light, healing occurs in the physical body.

This body of work engages you powerfully into your own healing. Together we transform the dense into radiant perfection, we release trapped light into your empowered self, thus allowing complete transformation to occur, inside (feelings) and out (the eye).

Essential requirements for doing this work are an active participation in the process of seeing your perfection, experiencing your radiant health, and a willingness to show up for yourself.

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