Private Practice

Initial Consultation – 30 minutes, no charge

This is a scheduled time you can meet with Sarah. This is an opportunity to explore the different options and modes of healing that will best assist you in your life.

60 minute Session – $175
90 minute Session – $220

In these sessions, Sarah covers whatever is needed by the client and the circumstances using various modalities, such as:

Intuitive Reading
This gives you an overview of your life based on your present conditions. Very helpful if there are big decisions to be made. During this reading, the consequences of different outcomes can be discussed, ushering in your clarity where there has been confusion, your direction where there has been paralysis, and your courage where there has been a reluctance to understand what resonates for you. Also these readings give you a sense of how the energy waves are looking in your life and forward for the next 6-12 months.

Emotional Focusing
Our body is our faithful messenger and speaks our truth. In these sessions, we come together to experience where in your body your emotions are located and felt. This work is powerful and profound in getting to the core emotions underlying and impacting our physical body. This includes working with all kinds of diagnosed illnesses, chronic or newly arrived in awareness. This work has witnessed from malignancy to benign, a falling away of allergies and chronic pain. There is often much that holds us in chronic, physically felt places and this body of work ushers understanding, compassion, and change in resounding ways.

Constellation Work

One on one constellation sessions based on the work of Bert Hellinger. Living Constellation work is a dynamic practice that connects with the knowing field to diagnose and reveal deep and unresolved systemic traumas in the family lineage. Steeped in respect, and the honoring of soul order, this practice unfolds dimensionally and spatially to reveal those places that hold the tension of unresolved entanglement. In the quiet unfolding movement, the flow of love and acceptance now has the capacity to restore these spaces, potentially creating understanding, healing and peace for the seeker.

Maintenance Clearing

Light doctoring for clearing and energizing your energy field to maintain its integrity.

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Soul Doctoring (Healing Work) – $200 per session (60-80 minutes)

Package of three sessions recommended for first time clients is $500

Energetic Healing
Re-Integration (Soul Retrieval)
Soul Clearing (to include the relief of suffering beings)
Both the doctoring and the energy sessions are done in an indigenous tradition. The work is done with permission. Sarah engages with rattles, stones and journeying. This body of healing work is about bringing the client into their full-heart, assisting them into a newly sensed balance and contributing to restore their resonance with their divinity. There are times when we require the intentional help of a doctor and the same is true for our soul well being.

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Mentorship – $875 for 6 month package. (60 minutes)

Mentorship is a very effective way of receiving support in your day to day life. The emphasis is on your relationship to your Creator and how you can bring more clarity, compassion and kindness in and through yourself, into you, your relationships, and your workplace.

In this monthly phone call or appointment in Seattle, you will be given personal experiential work, practice dream tracking, learn emotional clearing work, and will also cover questions received by email prior to our session. (Some examples are personal interests and events, areas upon which you want to focus such as second sight or dreaming.) You will be given the opportunity to give feedback around the tasks completed and I work with you to bring more dynamic and creative energy into your life.

As our world becomes more fraught with tension, demands, and a constantly changing landscape, these sessions develop your inner space and peace which translates into a more graceful outer life experience for you. For those who have attended workshops, it also helps you stay connected to the work. You can expand on your experience and feed it creatively through your life in meaningful ways. Mentorship is a six-month commitment with availability by email and phone in between sessions.

If a remote appointment, my preference is Zoom video phone calls, so that we can see each other. Zoom is a huge bonus to these sessions. I tend to use the Zoom video connection creatively to review artwork, collages, and anything else we require to share visually. Email

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