Mentorship: A Resource for Life

Mentoring is a resource for life, an ancient relationship between older and younger.

The Sacred Relationship between mentor and mentee

There is a pressure where future meets the presence of the past that can create a dynamic threshold. In the same way, an elder can sit across from the younger generation, creating an encounter between the generations. It is here a mature understanding can meet with the fertile, innovative mind and together a new consciousness can take root alongside the aged wisdom. A magical place where both the younger and the older are an essential timeless gift to each other, becoming apparent and alive in the connection between — a rich betwixt and between. The younger one, who cannot quite evoke the purpose and meaning to their life, meets the elder whose meaning is realized in the sharing and encouraging of the younger, to trust themselves and to travel further. The elder finds themselves as a guardian and protector of cultural wisdom built over thousands of years. This wisdom also lives in the youth, possibly obscured, but recognized when uttered.

At birth, we are gifted with this life, an amazing system on loan to us… an evolution that has been developing and evolving for hundreds of thousands of years. That wisdom lives within us all and becomes more accessible through spiritual practice and continued years of engagement. When the creased face encounters the wisdom reflected in the younger and open hearted face, it allows new vision to be born out into our new world. Together, the insights and connection between the mentor and the mentee contribute to the greater, lighter, consciousness and sustainable living practices.

The greatest act a mentor can give is to be authentically present. A wiser and all knowing is not required. It is about a mutual way of seeing into each other where lack of authenticity is ground into dust, making way for a fertile field where a magical elements can appear, shifting the ground a little beneath the feet of the other. The translation out into life is “sacred”.

A mentor is and is not…

A mentor is not a medical doctor, therapist, or otherwise. A mentor is one that has gone before and is sharing their footprints in the sands of time. It is not about physical age. It is more about how the awakening that first occurs while still in younger years that naturally leads to lifelong practices that develop older into elders. A life of wide experience carved out of the mentor’s being that now holds legacy and wisdom for another. Without the younger one to engage, the wisdom lays upon the landscape like a forgotten parcel. The partnership between mentor and mentee opens up the new dynamics. It is an ancient and sacred relationship that has been revered through the ages and continues to build new awareness out into the world. Out of relationship springs forth life.

Mentorship offering

I offer a mentorship series for those interested in this way of learning. We arrange to meet via video phone or in person. We have a six month agreement to complete six meetings (usually monthly, but not necessarily). We have an arc of direction given by you and together, we journey in that direction.

For pricing and booking, see my Private Practice page.