The Night Turtle Dance

Action is needed. Your kind of action. We vote, demonstrate, protest, write letters, talk to people, mourn, and celebrate to change the world… And then there is a crucial need: to uplift our hearts, our spirits, our belief that we can dream in new outcomes and realities. Those who can create, support and join in ceremonies are needed for this part.

That means you.

Why ceremony?

  • Earth ceremonies are powerful navigators during times of great upheaval.
  • Ceremonies are about where the invisible touches the visible and all things are possible.
  • First is the vision, then the ceremony to anchor the seed, then the engineering of the vision that makes it manifest.
  • This is called walking the ceremony out. Making it happen.

It is the time to reimagine the world we live in together. I thank you for your consideration and your generosity.

A sacred ceremony of dance, singing, drumming and rattling upon a turtle altar which is laid upon the earth. The Night Turtle Dance honors Mother Earth, in return for all that she gives to us. It is a giveaway during which we can offer our gratitude and love back to the Mother. Donate to Turtle Dance!



Reading Between the Front Lines

The Sensitive Healer

Sarah addresses the concerns of Sensitive healers and their patients. On the one hand wired to be fabulous healers, on the other the sensitive can get lost in a turmoil of entanglement with their clients. They get easily overwhelmed and then feel they are unable to be good doctors. But they also have the potential to be very fine healers by learning a few simple ways to manage their energy. This talk describes how to stay clean and clear with personal energy and also to recognize the empathic patient.

Ancient Quantum Wisdom

Sarah speaks with Bastyr students about the relevancy and the relationship between the quantum field and ancient wisdom. Science is the mythology of our times (21st century) it is how we are agreeing to see together. Our present field of seeing is describing and defining but it is our ancient ancestors that carry the application of these truths with deep insight into our inner technology. Our scientific world gives us the what and the ancient wisdom gives us the how.

Living in the Question

As we continue to move with these evolutionary times, from homo sapian to homo luminous the question seems to arise more and more — What do our children need at this time? — Visionary, Sarah MacLean Bicknell, receives wisdom from dreams and visions, which she shares in this segment of her “Talk Speak” series; teachings on working with our children at this time, or perhaps more accurately, understanding who they are and how better we can work together.